The Philodendron Hastatum looks very dreamy with its beautiful silver glossy leaves. It’s very easy to maintain plant and grown very fast. An ideal and unique plant for any urban jungle!

The Philodendron Hastatum is part of the large Philodendron family, which also includes the Monstera, for example. Philodendrons occur in nature mainly in the tropics around America and the Caribbean. The Philodendron Hastatum stands out for its beautiful silver glow over the glossy leaves. It is therefore not surprising that it is also called Silver Sword or Silver Queen.

The Philodendron Hastatum Silver Sword is an easy philodendron species and can grow very fast! You will probably see new leaves appearing in a short time. And what is more fun then seeing a plant grow?
To ensure that your plant is also having a great time at home, you should give the Philodendron Hastatum a place with a lot of light. Make sure that it doesn’t get too much direct sunlight. With too much and too strong sunlight the beautiful leaves can burn. A place where the morning sun shines is ideal! In addition, water the Silver Sword once a week.

Also a big fan of Philodendrons but would you like to try something different than the famous Monstera? Then complete your urban jungle with this special Philodendron Hastatum ‘Silver Sword’!