Maidenhair Fern actually refers to the genus Adiantum, which has over 250 species. Our Maidenhair fern, sometimes called the Black Maidenhair Fern, is native to the southern half of the United States and South America, but has a worldwide distribution today.

It is a highly sought-after ornamental plant and is known for its delicate, lacy foliage. Its fronds are bright green and very thin, resembling hair more than the normal plant. The plant is very delicate and is best for experienced gardeners.

Care Instructions:

The Maidenhair Fern loves humid and shady environments, and needs to be watered every other day. It should be placed in an area that gets indirect sunlight and is kept away from drafts. It is important to keep the soil moist but not soggy and to not let the fern dry out.

Companion Plants:

The Maidenhair Fern grows particularly well with other ferns, and is often planted with the Autumn Fern, Royal Fern, and the Japanese Painted Fern. These plants all prefer the same moist, shady environment and benefit from being planted together.

Botanical Name: Adiantium capillus-veneris

Common Name(s): Black Maidenhair Fern, Maidenhair Fern, Southern Maidenhair Fern, Venus Hair Fern