Philodenron erubescens variegated. Prized for it's stunning pink variegation and vigorous growth under optimal condition.  

I know we all want our princesses to be as pink as possible, but actually, the pink parts have no chlorophyll. If you end up with a leaf that is majority pink, it will eventually die. So, it is important to have pink AND green variegation.

Make sure to give your plant plenty of bright, indirect light to help it maintain its variegation. We’ll talk more about light further down.

If your plant is losing variegation—and this goes for the leaves becoming too green OR too pink—prune your plant back to just above a well-variegated leaf.

This should give your plant a good chance of pushing out new growth that is also variegated (although there is no way to know for sure until the leaf grows).

  • Light: bright indirect
  • Soil: organic well draining
  • Water: keep slightly moist w/ moderate humidity
  • Fertilizer: slow release