Bring Nature's Beauty to Your Home

The Snow Queen Pothos is a variegated version with more white than green. It's an exquisite plant that brings life and freshness to your home. With its cascading vines and vibrant green leaves, this pothos plant is an excellent addition to any room, especially those in need of a touch of nature. The Snow Queen Pothos is also incredibly low maintenance, making it the perfect choice for busy individuals or those with a brown thumb.

Purifies Your Indoor Air

Not only does the Snow Queen Pothos look beautiful, but it also provides practical benefits for your health. This plant is known for its ability to purify indoor air, removing harmful toxins and pollutants. By keeping a Snow Queen Pothos in your home, you'll breathe easier and enjoy a healthier living environment.

Easy to Care For

The Snow Queen Pothos is an easy-to-care-for plant that's perfect for those who are new to indoor gardening. This plant will tolerate any light condition, though it's preference is moist soil and medium to high light spots. It even forgives for the occasional missed watering! No need to fertilize very often, maybe twice per year. With proper care, the Snow Queen Pothos can grow and thrive for years to come.

Botanical Name: Epipremnum aureum 'Snow Queen'
Common Name(s): Snow Queen Pothos, Marble Queen Pothos