The Ultimate Home Reset: 20 Ways to Boost Happiness This Spring

The Ultimate Home Reset: 20 Ways to Boost Happiness This Spring

By - Julia Weaver

Our surroundings hold significant sway over our mood and well-being, often shaping our experiences more than we realize. The activities we engage in within these walls mold our emotional state, productivity, and overall perspective. So, if you find yourself feeling low without a clear cause, your home may be to blame.

No matter if you call Des Moines, IABoise, ID, or any place in between home, with spring on the horizon, there's no better time to implement simple yet transformative changes within our living spaces. To help set the stage to boost happiness and cultivate a sense of fulfillment that extends beyond the confines of our homes, here are 20 ways to boost happiness at home this spring.

Uplift your mood with plants and flowers

Roses sitting in a vase on a table

Incorporating elements of nature indoors is a simple yet rejuvenating method to revitalize your living space and elevate your mood. Beyond enhancing visual charm, this natural infusion instills a feeling of energy, rejuvenation, and joy, fostering a renewed sense of vitality within your home.

1. Refresh your space with blooming branches

Spring is the best season for bringing fresh elements into your home, and according to florist Jill Mason of Portland-based plant shop Starflower Passion, blooming branches are her top recommendation. “I adore seasonal blooming branches like dogwood, forsythia, cherry, and quince, with quince being my favorite. Just five to 10 stems in your favorite vase can transform your space with modern simplicity. These branches last for weeks, offering lasting beauty. For another stunning option, consider tulips. With 10 to 30 stems, they bring drama and changing shapes that captivate."

2. Breathe life into your home with locally grown flowers

“Contact local flower farmers for 100% locally grown blooms; many offer fantastic subscriptions and CSA programs for a variety of stunning arrangements every week,” suggests Lynsea Coy, owner of Coy & Co., a sustainable florist in Portland, OR. “Avoid using floral foam or flowers treated with harmful chemicals like dyes, paints, bleaches, or preservatives, as they are detrimental to the environment and your health. The best way to keep your space alive is to pay tribute to the land you're occupying by celebrating those that honor and steward it carefully and sustainably.”

3. Create a lush indoor oasis

“Group a few houseplants together in well-lit spaces of your home to create a lush green vibe,” says Hailey Dekle, owner of plant shop Cactus + Co. on Camano Island, WA. “For darker spaces, consider adding greenery that is tolerant of less light like snake plants, ZZ plants, pothos, and aglaonema varieties. We recommend adding at least one plant that blooms in the spring like an Easter cactus, jasmine, or hoya.” 

Dekle goes on to share, “As your plants grow, you’ll be able to take cuttings to propagate and add more greenery throughout your space. Repurpose your empty baskets or containers and then check your local plant shop for planters, baskets, and macrame to style your plants.”

4. Choose a variety of plants to add visual interest

Marian Packer, owner of Packer Plant Company, a plant nursery in Klamath Falls, WA, offers insights for the ideal plant placements to enhance visual appeal within your home.

“Snake plants are extremely low-maintenance and look beautiful sitting in a corner in a basket,” shares Packer. “Pothos are a great choice for the top of a cabinet or shelf where the vines can drape down.  A peperomia is a pet-safe plant for higher-traffic areas like side tables or entryways. Don't be afraid to experiment with different varieties of plants until you find exactly what you like.” 

5. Start with beginner-friendly plants

For beginners, experimenting with different plants and learning their care needs gradually builds confidence and expertise in nurturing indoor greenery.

“If you're new to house plants, varieties like philodendron or pothos are great starters, as they thrive with minimal attention and can enhance any room's ambiance,” explains Cameron Perrin of Shop Pothos, offering house plants delivered to your door. “Plant stands offer a great way to showcase some natural beauty but we also recommend hanging planters or shelves to add a vertical dimension to your space. Incorporating house plants into your home or office does more than just enhance its aesthetic appeal; it also improves air quality, making your home feel fresher and more inviting.”

Elevate your interior design with a touch of springtime freshness

Houseplants in interior design

Infuse your space with vibrant energy and rejuvenation to create a more uplifting and inspiring atmosphere. Incorporating elements like bright colors, floral patterns, and natural accents can evoke feelings of joy and renewal, enhancing your overall sense of happiness and well-being within your home.

6. Opt for pastels of vibrant spring hues

Ria Urs, Principal Lead Designer at Interiors By Ria, a luxury interior design firm in Addison, TX, emphasizes the importance of infusing your home with the freshness of the outdoors as spring approaches.

“A simple yet impactful tip is to incorporate greenery and floral arrangements that bring the vibrancy of spring indoors, instantly uplifting any room's mood,” says Urs. “Swap out those heavy, dark textiles like changing thick, dark-colored winter drapes to sheer, light curtains that let in more sunlight, replacing heavy wool throw blankets with light cotton or linen options in pastel or vibrant spring hues, and switching out dark, dense area rugs with lighter, brighter, or even floral-patterned rugs to add a fresh pop of color and texture to your living spaces.”

7. Choose thoughtful design choices

Life coach Michele Attias discusses how spring presents an ideal moment for mindful rejuvenation of your living space. “Ask yourself, 'How can I create more happiness in my home?' Consider rearranging furniture in one room to embrace a fresh layout, pushing the boundaries of comfort and authenticity. 

Attias also recommends delving deeper by asking, “‘What is my goal here, and what do I want to open up to in the spring season?’ Embrace the spirit of renewal by designating a wellness area in your home, adorned with plush cushions, a journal, framed inspirational quotes, and scented candles – your sanctuary to connect, meditate and reflect at the end of a busy day.”

8. Consider your surroundings for your home’s interior

“When refreshing your space, think about what's going on outside and let that inform what you bring into your spaces,” Says Amanda Arcone, owner and designer at New England Home & Interiors. “For a nature-filled environment, maintain serenity by avoiding busy colors and patterns. In urban areas, opt for contemporary elements like glass, bold colors, and interesting lines and curves. In mountainous regions, complement the landscape with nature-inspired hues, such as blues, browns, and whites. Near water, blues, greens, and soft grays are all wonderful palettes. Pay attention to light direction and color preference, aiming to create a mood that fosters peace and joy in your home.”

9. Focus on soft whites and natural elements to create a serene and airy space

Home staging company Gema Designs recommends the following blend of soft hues and natural textures for a sense of tranquility and freshness in your home, perfectly capturing the essence of spring. 

“Paint colors such as ‘White Dove’ by Benjamin Moore for walls can instantly brighten a room, while accents in ‘Black Iron’ by Sherwin Williams add depth and contrast,” says Gema Designs. “Adding touches of ‘Cottage Grove’ by Magnolia Paint introduces a subtle, earthy tone, complementing the natural beauty of wood finishes and indoor plants. This blend of soft hues and natural textures brings a sense of tranquility and freshness to your home, perfectly capturing the essence of spring.”

10. Less is more when decorating

Heather Krout, interior stylist and decorator of Home with Heather advocates for the art of un-decorating.

“Falling into the common decorating mistake of overcrowding with numerous small items is easy, especially with beloved bunnies and tiny accessories,” says Krout. “However, the key lies in the art of un-decorating, where simplifying reigns supreme. As spring arrives, it's the ideal time to clear away extra clutter and begin anew. Start by adding one larger scale item as a focal point, introducing a touch of greenery in a vase, and incorporating just one small accessory decor item.”

11. Bring spring indoors with colors, patterns, and florals

Bringing the essence of spring indoors is effortlessly achieved by infusing your décor with its vibrant colors, lively patterns, and delicate florals.

“I like to update my pillows with seasonal colors and patterns, often opting for nature-inspired hues like blues and greens, occasionally adding floral motifs for extra charm,” shares Cristina Lehman, founder and principal designer of C. Lehman Home. “I also enjoy incorporating fresh flowers or greenery from my backyard or the local grocery store to infuse the house with organic vibrancy and color.”

12. Brighten your home with clean windows and greenery

“Before it's warm enough to start living an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, bring the spring air and light inside your home by giving your windows, screens, and window coverings a good cleaning,” advises principal and CEO Anne Michaelsen Yahn. “Enhance your indoor space with an indoor garden featuring a diverse selection of houseplants. Opt for at least three containers of varying sizes in coordinating colors, each filled with your favorite greenery selections."

13. Freshen up with decor and accents

“Revitalize your space by thoroughly cleaning and decluttering, removing any items that are no longer essential. This will immediately create a brighter and more spacious atmosphere,” shares Francine Park, owner and designer at interior design studio in Seattle, WA, Freshen Design

“Update your beddings, decorative pillow covers, curtains, and lampshades with lighter fabrics and colors to infuse the room with a fresh spring vibe. Consider adding a whimsical and colorful polyester area rug to add personality to the space. Bring the outdoors in by incorporating fresh flowers, and consider swapping out a large artwork for a statement moss wall art to embrace the season's natural elements. Finally, add small Easter decorative items to further enhance the festive ambiance.”

Create a space made for prioritizing inner peace and happiness

Woman Meditating

Your home should be the space you can escape to amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life. By curating an environment tailored to promote emotional well-being, you invite moments of serenity and contentment into your home.

13. Designate a corner for meditation

"Spring is the perfect time to create or refresh an area in your home dedicated to meditation, a calm down corner (for both grown-ups and kids), or a peaceful respite," shares stress and anxiety coach Sandra Woznicki. "Even a quiet corner with a few cozy cushions, soft lighting, a small plant, and perhaps some soothing aromatherapy or inspiring artwork can serve as an inviting sanctuary. Cultivating such a space not only makes intentional relaxation more appealing but can also condition your nervous system to relax instinctively upon entering."

Adding to this perspective, mindfulness coaches Jen and Katie, founders of Awareness of Mind, emphasize the importance of carving out time for meditation. “While many of us aspire to meditate regularly, the busyness of life often gets in the way. By designating a specific area in your home for meditation — whether it's a corner or a dedicated spot on the sofa — you create a tangible invitation to practice mindfulness daily. Enhance the ambiance with inspirational quotes, calming sounds, and greenery to encourage moments of stillness and connection with your breath."

15. Embrace the practice of sauca

"Sauca, a fundamental principle in yoga, emphasizes purity, cleanliness, and tidiness in both body and mind,” explains yoga instructor, Christine Chen. “By clearing clutter, eliminating toxins, and shedding bad habits, we pave the way for a healthier, clearer, and more awakened life. This principle extends beyond the self to our living spaces. By purifying our homes through decluttering and thorough cleaning, we create an environment conducive to spiritual practice. Recognizing and addressing habits that contribute to an untidy home can ultimately transform our living spaces to create a dedicated space for spiritual practice – it's life-changing.”

16. Simplify your space

“Often, our environment is a reflection of the state of our mind so ensuring that we are making time to simplify and create order in our space, we can positively impact our mental health,” states Onnie Michalsky, MA, LCPC Life Coach at Moms Without Capes

“A cluttered room may contribute to feelings of stress, where we lack a sense of control and put our mind into overdrive. Start small by focusing on a single drawer or filling one small box with items to donate. As you make even the slightest progress, be sure to savor how it feels to let go of that which no longer serves you and know that you are engaging in self-care as you rid yourself of excess stuff, improving your home and your mind.”

17. Create an energy flow for new opportunities

“Clearing clutter from your home initiates a flow of energy, paving the way for new opportunities,” explains Shannon Shine, founder of Shine Time Studios and Wellness. “Take small steps each day to redirect energy to different areas, avoiding the pressure of an overnight transformation. Embrace the gradual renewal of spring by focusing on refreshing one corner at a time, allowing space for relaxation and a stress-free approach. Remember, the process may unfold continuously, symbolizing the evolving journey towards embracing your renewed self.”

Declutter and deep clean for a brighter home

Organized closet of clothes

Clearing out clutter and giving your home a deep clean not only creates a brighter, more spacious environment but also lifts your mood and energizes your space.

The 3 magic questions to ask yourself

"The first step to revitalizing your wardrobe involves decluttering, which can feel daunting at times,” shares Lili Henry Stylist based in San Francisco, CA. “When assisting clients with wardrobe edits, I introduce three essential questions: Does it fit? If not, it goes. Is it worn out? If yes, it's out. When was the last time you wore it? If over a year ago, it's time to bid farewell. By the end of this process, we pinpoint missing pieces to avoid unnecessary purchases and conduct a color analysis to determine their best-suited hues, ensuring they shine in their wardrobe selections."

18. Start with your entryway

"Begin by refreshing your entryway: replace heavy winter coats with lighter jackets, introduce a colorful doormat, and designate areas for sunglasses and umbrellas," advises Heather Aiello, founder of The Organized You. "Taking on one zone at a time allows for a smooth and manageable shift, bringing the revitalizing essence of the season into your home."

19. Conquer the clutter in your closet

“Spring is the perfect time to overhaul your wardrobe but it can be tricky to know where to begin,” acknowledges Jennifer Jones Styling. “Begin by evaluating each item in your wardrobe, assessing how it aligns with your preferences, confidence level, color palette, body shape, and lifestyle. If any pieces fall short of these criteria, consider donating them or selling them to make room for items you truly love. Additionally, take into account the seasonality of each piece; if it's not suitable for spring and summer, set it aside for future use. This approach ensures that revisiting your wardrobe feels like uncovering a fresh collection when the time is right."

20. Utilize the hanger hack

Kristi Brooks Pennington, a stylist based in San Diego, CA, and Los Angeles, CA, shares a clever closet decluttering tip. "Align all your hangers in the same direction. Each time you wear an item, rotate the hanger. If a hanger remains unchanged for 12 months, it's a sign you're not wearing that piece and it's ready for donation."

The ultimate home reset this spring: Final thoughts

By incorporating these strategies to elevate our living spaces, from decluttering and simplifying to infusing nature and prioritizing wellness, we set the stage for a season of joy, contentment, and renewal. Here's to a spring filled with happiness, harmony, and endless possibilities.

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