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To Plant Or Not To Plant: The Basics of Plant Parenting

House plants... oh house plants. If the word plant makes you immediately uncomfortable, gives you nightmares of death, seems too daunting or even peaks your curiosity then this is the blog post for you! Don't worry! We've all experienced the death of a beloved house plant, herb, bouquet of flowers, patch of grass, propagation or leafy salad greens stuck in that old plastic container in the fridge. All plants die, flowers die, we all die. However, we're here to have a healthy conversation and discover the best ways to keep our plants "thirty, flirty, and thriving" or better yet to help discover how to live the most full life. Let's dive in together. 

The Basics Of Plant Parenting

Plants are rather simple... but they're also rather complicated. Plants need 4 essential elements to stay alive: Soil, Water, Sun, Space. 

These 4 essential elements will generally produce a happy, healthy plant. However, just as they say in life, too much of anything is never a good thing. Overwatering is the #1 killer of plants. Trust us, we would know. Too much direct sunlight can scorch a plants' leaves causing all of its' energy to be directed to repairing those dying leaves instead of its' new growth. Poor soil, that is too acidic or does not have enough nutrients or fertilizer can produce unhealthy plants that are unable to thrive. And worst of all, similar to life in LA, overcrowding a plants' roots can lead to root rot, stunt the plants' growth and potentially kill the plant.

Apart from these four basic elements, caring for a plant is quite simple, requring only a weekly or bi-weekly watering and some filtered sunlight. Your plant babies can grow happily and provide you a whole lot of clean air.   

Ready to take on Plant Parenting yet? Hold on cowboys and cowgirls, We're just getting started. Stay tuned to learn more about how we take care of our exotic house plants!

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